Packaging polymer products

Packaging polymer products

  • The range of films materials
  • Injektion molded products and conteiners
  • Large ang fine-meshed extrusion net

About company

30 June 1965 - date of creation of Joint-stock Company «DPA «Plastik», one of the leading manufacturers of polymeric materials in Russia.

The Association includes 7 enterprises, which employ about 1,500 people:

Production of hard PVC films equipped with high-tech automated calenderent line of «Berstorff company” (Germany), which to ensure accurate regulation of technological parameters. Production capacity allows producing up to 20,000 tons/year of films of high quality with virtually no restrictions on the colors.

Production of polyethylene film has the latest equipment among which ten coloured flexographic machine "Fischer & Krecke" (Germany) with the system "SMART GPS", allows to optimize the process of registering printed picture and the system of the videocontrol "AVT"; laminator company «SOMA» (Czech Republic); slitter coiler made in Germany. In 2013 is installed and running on CAST line for the production of barrier films.

Production of molded products came out on the production level of more than 2 200 tons per year. He has molding machines of new generation with computer control system. In 2013 was purchased machines HAITIAN capacity of 800 and 2800.

Рroduction of extrusion and pressing products

Рroduction of fibreglasses products are made by winding the metal frame of the reinforcing glass fiber impregnated with epoxy binder, with a subsequent heat treatment. The unique properties of fiberglass products allow their use in various fields, including chemical, oil-extracting and oil-refining industry, in systems of cold and hot water supply systems of industrial and household water supply and Sewerage.

Рroduction of tools having in its staff the specialists of Cad-Cam design, provide for high level, to develop and produce the required tooling, including customer orders.

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