Packaging polymer products

Packaging polymer products

  • The range of films materials
  • Injektion molded products and conteiners
  • Large ang fine-meshed extrusion net

Automotive components


DPO "Plastik" possesses a unique production base for processing and manufacture of plastic products: more than 100 injection molding machines and presses with clamping force from 28 to 3,200 tons for manufacture of products of all sizes: from stopper plugs to bumper; 28 extrusion machines for manufacture of profiles used in the automotive industry.

The range of plastic parts for car exterior and interior:

· Bumpers and fenders. 

· Air intakes and grilles.

· Sleeves, covers and plugs.

· Fender holders.

· Profiles and pipes.

· Pillar linings etc.

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