Packaging polymer products

Packaging polymer products

  • The range of films materials
  • Injektion molded products and conteiners
  • Large ang fine-meshed extrusion net

Extrusion profiles



1) Construction sealing profiles. Used for sealing of seams and joints of building structures.

2) Thick-walled profiles. Used as guides in construction, military industry, in the manufacture of snowmobiles and tracked vehicles.



1) PVC tubes, grade TV-40 for insulation.

Designed for protection and additional insulation of current-carrying elements in a variety of electrical devices. Available in two colors, black and natural.

2) Oil-and-petrol resistant tubes, grade PB-2.

Intended for manufacture of low pressure fuel lines for supplying gasoline, diesel fuel and for supplying the brake fluid, industrial oil for tractors and vehicles. The tubes filled with diesel withstand ambient temperature of 90°C for 90 minutes.

Compression molded products powerboats and railroad equipment

Used in production of special-purpose vehicles. Made of plastic and fiberglass using presses with clamping force of 100 to 2000 tons.

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