Packaging polymer products

Packaging polymer products

  • The range of films materials
  • Injektion molded products and conteiners
  • Large ang fine-meshed extrusion net

Large and fine-meshed extrusion net



The net is made of polypropylene using IRS-45 production line (Italy). Supplied in rolls (500 and 1000 m.) with cores 50 mm diameter, packed in PE-bags. This net is designed for:

· Packing of toys.

· Packing of fruit and vegetables.

· Making of bath sponges.

· Packing of Christmas trees.


Designed for packing of:

· Corrugated sausage casings.

· Glassware and furniture during transportation.

· Vegetables, fruit, and root crops.

PE-net is manufactured in a form of a sleeve with diamond-shaped mesh. It is supplied in coils 3 kg (300 m), packed in PE-bags (3 coils in a bag).

Wrapping paper, strapping tape, adhesive tape, etc. is not required when using extrusion net.

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