Packaging polymer products

Packaging polymer products

  • The range of films materials
  • Injektion molded products and conteiners
  • Large ang fine-meshed extrusion net


Quality control:

The main thing for «DPO «Plastik» is the satisfaction of consumers, and for them the main need is the quality and safety of products. Therefore, at the enterprise the attention given to the production quality control, carefully accompany it since the development of the technology to the delivery.

Quality control in the company is held in several stages: raw material control, in-process control and quality control of finished products.

Of particular relevance is the raw material - «DPO «Plastik» cooperates only with reliable and suppliers, the Client can be sure in production will get only high quality raw materials!

Modern development technologies:

Center of strategic development of the enterprise, and as skilled technicians with many years of experience are involved in the development of the newest technologies in the direction of increase product shelf life by increasing the barrier properties, thereby reducing the thickness and thus the cost of production, development of new molded products, development of innovative materials.

Making of the PRESS-FORMS:

Own tool production «DPO «Plastik», having in its staff the specialists of CAD/CAM design and control programs, as well as highly skilled fitters, toolmakers, machinists with great experience that allows on a high technical level to develop and produce the necessary tooling, as for own production needs and specifications of the customer.

In the production realized the full cycle of manufacturing tooling:

  • computer model development products
  • computer design of tooling
  • development of control programs for machines with program control
  • tooling,
  • support snap-in technological productions.

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