Packaging polymer products

Packaging polymer products

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Barrier Film

Barrier Film
21 января 2015

Is a Constant Leader of Packaging Materials.

In 2013 DPO "Plastik" started the operation of the Cast Film Line for the production of multilayer barrier films and polypropylene films. At the moment, our range of films manufactured using T-die extrusion equipment made by “Reifenhäuser” (Germany) is represented by multilayer barrier films and CPP-films.

Cast-film won recognition in various fields of packaging:

- Packing meat and sausage products;

- Packing bakery and grocery products;

- Packing of flowers;

- Stationery packaging;

- Packing of cosmetic products etc.

Barrier film

Nine-layer barrier films are intended for packaging of food products in modified gas atmosphere and under vacuum and have excellent consumer properties, high strength, good thermoformability and flexoprinting ability up to 10 colors withstanding pasteurization.

Polypropylene film 

Five-layer non-oriented polypropylene films (CPP-films) are used for the production of bread and chicken bags, for packing of pasta, bakery products, cereals, hygiene articles, textiles, and cosmetics. These films are suitable for lamination with BOPP, PET and have high mechanical strength and gloss, transparency and the ability to make reliable seals.

Process engineers of DPO "Plastik" continue to explore new opportunities for the production of cast-films. At the moment there is a development of new formulations of packaging materials that will meet all the requirements of modern packaging and quality standards, but will be much cheaper for the customer. In 2015 it is planned to expand the range of products.

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